NeverMind the Sh*tcoins

NeverMind the Shitcoins: Episode two (Crypto's fishiest bedtime stories!)

July 23, 2021 Benjamin Bateman Season 1 Episode 2
NeverMind the Sh*tcoins
NeverMind the Shitcoins: Episode two (Crypto's fishiest bedtime stories!)
Not the News
Damien Hirst
Warren Buffett
Elon Musk
Blockchain Bedtime Tales
Karen Contrarian
Not Ian Lababina
(Questioning Ben's sources)
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NeverMind the Sh*tcoins
NeverMind the Shitcoins: Episode two (Crypto's fishiest bedtime stories!)
Jul 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 2
Benjamin Bateman

While half the internet decided to break, we were trying to record episode 2. But despite being a few guests shorter than we were excepting, the show went on! 

Topical crypto and blockchain news, tricky quizzing, easy quizzing, and the unveiling of Bens first ever children's book! You don't want to miss it! 

And, if you enjoyed this, please, make our day and hit that subscribe button on your favourite podcasting platform, we're on all of them, except ifartradio, because they don't like the UK, so stuff 'em...

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While half the internet decided to break, we were trying to record episode 2. But despite being a few guests shorter than we were excepting, the show went on! 

Topical crypto and blockchain news, tricky quizzing, easy quizzing, and the unveiling of Bens first ever children's book! You don't want to miss it! 

And, if you enjoyed this, please, make our day and hit that subscribe button on your favourite podcasting platform, we're on all of them, except ifartradio, because they don't like the UK, so stuff 'em...

 #NVMTS #SupportNewContent

Ben  0:00  

You up for that Anton?

Anton  0:03  

Yeah. I've got no clue what's going on but yeah, let's try. 

Eugene 0:06

That’s the best way.

Chuck  0:06  

We’re going to do some competition.

Ben  0:34  

Good evening and welcome to NeverMind the shit coins, an all new topical panel show where we dive into the weird news from the week in cryptocurrency. For example, have you heard NatWest, a popular UK banking chain, has banned all transactions with Binance this week in attempts to protect its customers from the evil of Cz. They also plan to bathe all offending binance users in holy water and garlic just in case. Awesome. On with the show then. On team A, what shall we go with the team names this week? We'll go team Fresh Meats, we've got Chuck Bogart and Anton Zur. On Team Stale Beef, we've got Eugene Morozov. 

Eugene  1:30  

Yeah, right here.

Ben  1:40  

Anton with his beautiful face on now joining *us for a flick. Great to see you, buddy. I forgot to say by the way, Anton is the face and creator of a fantastic project out there called Human Venture. I've worked with them a bit as well solving some really big issues to do with food insecurity and poverty. Thank you again ever so much for joining us tonight, bud.

Anton  2:05  

Thank you.

Ben  2:05  

 All right. Round one, Not the News. Our opening round is very simple and always the same. I've got a couple of quirky headlines from this week's cryptocurrency news, but to be sneaky, I've taken a word or two out of each headline. All our teams have to do is work out what the missing words from the headlines are and tell me more. What the story is actually the freak about. Are you ready, guys? 

Anton  2:29  


Ben  2:23  

Ready Chuck. Headline A: Damien Hirst's $20 million NFT drop explores the nature of what, what, and what? Remember, Chuck and Anton you're playing together. 

Chuck  2:48  

Okay. I would say Damien Hirst means art and second thing is probably value, no idea about the third. 

Eugene  3:02  

I think you really talked about the value of art and currency. I think the correct answer is value of art and currency. What do you say? 

Ben  3:17  

Well, we're going straight for the points this week then folks, aren't we? Yeah. Of course as Eugene and Chuck both pointed out there, the missing words were value, art, and currency, so Damien Hirst's $20 million NFT drop explores the nature of value, art,  and currency. In his latest cash grab, I mean, work of art, the man who once famously chainsawed a cow and its newborn calf in half, embalmed them and put them in glass tanks for people to gorp at their intestines, now wants to make a socio-political statement about money with lots of colorful, pretty little dots. 

Eugene  4:02  

He's a very controversial artist, I should say. Probably helps with his popularity.

Chuck 4:06

There’s a whole book about it actually.

Ben  4:08  

Yeah, definitely. I mean, I don't like to be the one to try and define what art is, but yeah, it sounds a bit more Texas ChainSaw Massacre to me personally. He was back in the news a while back because he donated one-half of one of the cows to some charity and it's like “Thanks, Damian.” I now have half a cow in my living room. Right. Are we ready? Question two: Crypto entrepreneur pays $4.57 million to what with Warren Buffet?

Chuck  4:43  

That's easy. That was lunch. 

Ben  4:45  

Yeah. Well, spot on with the money, straight in for the points as well there. I sense some previous competitiveness between you two here. 

Anton  4:52  

It's a learning curve for me. 

Ben  4:56  

Don't worry. 

Eugene  4:57  

We've all been there. We have all been there, Anton, so you'll get up to speed in no time.

Ben  5:03  

Yeah, and it's only Episode Two as well, pretty much we're making it up as we go along to a certain degree, but yes. As Chuck so rightly pointed out then, the lunch meeting no one has been waiting for has been rescheduled. Yeey. Warren Buffet, the man who famously called Bitcoin probably rat poison squared, he's obviously sitting down with Justin Sun. Apparently, in his desperate bit of one-upmanship, Sun plans to tell Buffet that TRON is beaver poison cubed because beavers look like giant rats.

Question three: Bitcoin price bounces as Elon Musk what’s himself? 

Eugene  5:54  

That's a tough one. 

Ben  5:55  

You can tell Dionne is thinking some awful things giggling away to herself there. 

Eugene  6:01  

What can possibly Elon Musk do to himself?

Ben  6:08  

I mean, pretty much anything he does nowadays makes the bitcoin price bounce.

Eugene  6:13  

Man, what can he do? Excuse himself? Redeem himself? Award himself?

Ben  6:19  

Yeah, you got it buddy. To be fair, I was scrambling around to get a sound effect there.

Eugene 6:25

Yes. It was a good guess. 

Ben 6:27

After months of making the cryptocurrency charts look like an ECG live support monitor with his tweets, Elon Musk is finally seeing the light again. In a recent statement, he said, and I'm sort of paraphrasing here, “My bad, much sorry. Love me long time?” Elon Musk desperate for reference, love and attention. Right. After round one, what are the scores, Dionne? 

Dionne  6:57  

Right. Fresh meat, we have two points, and Stale Beef, we have two points. It's a tie. Is that right?

Eugene  7:12  

I thought I won more, but fine.

Ben  7:16  

Deonne is not to be argued with. Whatever Dion says tonight is correct, by the way, guys, because I'm off her for the weekend with my friends for a couple of days, so I don't need her being mad at me. Thank you.

Eugene  7:30  

We’ll save your life, Ben. Don't worry. 

Ben  7:14  

Our next round is nice and simple. It’s for our cryptocurrency kind of new people getting into their learning their first ropes. I like to call it AMAFAQWTF or ask me anything frequently asked questions what the fuck? If you're listening to this show, you're probably far enough down the cryptocurrency hole to know that acronyms are an essential part of lingo if you want to survive on the mean cryptocurrency streets out there, kid. They also help save a few characters when you're tweeting. It's a bonus pro tip. I've got a few acronyms here for cryptocurrency terms that all people should know, really. All our guests have to do, and I'm going to pick on you one at a time for this one, is tell me WTF do these acronyms actually stand for? I'm going to pick on Chuck. Our first one is POW. 

Chuck  8:39  

That's proof of work, obviously. 

Eugene  8:42  

That's too easy. 

Ben  8:46  

Ding ding ding ding ding. If you think that one's easy, I think this whole round will get a little bit easy.

Anton  8:51  

Even I would have guessed that. 

Ben  8:53  

All righty. Well, put your money where your mouth is, Anton. Let's give you this next one ATH

Anton  9:00  

All time high.

Ben  9:02  

ding ding ding

Eugene  9:04  

Or associate of technology, or atherosclerosis, even abbreviated GH, so that wasn't very fair. The variety of answers could have counted. I can think of one more, like acceleration time history or automatic throttle. Automatic throttle is ATH, so again, an answer could be right could be wrong. I don't know what you had in mind. 

Ben  9:33  

No, I mean obviously the crypto exam was all-time high, but I think there's probably a coin for each of those phrases you've just mentioned there, Eugene, so future round in mind. Number three, BTFD and that one is for you Eugene.

Eugene  9:50  

By the fucking dip. That's well known. 

Ben  9:41  

Yeah. I'd have also accepted, “Buy the fruit dispenser.” Nice. Go on, Chuck. Throw this one at you, we've got BFT. This is a harder one, I think. 

Chuck  10:05  

That's Byzantine fault tolerance. 

Ben  10:09  

Yeah. You got that one in one. Cool then. Anton, FUD. 

Anton  10:15  


Chuck  10:16  

You should pronounce this as FUD. 

Anton 10:20  

Yeah. I’ve got no clue what this is about.

Ben  10:25  

Go on. Let’s ride over to Eugene then.

Eugene  10:30  

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt FUD. 

Ben  10:33  

Yeah, go on. I was thinking about putting FUB in there after last week with you, Eugene. I was going to put FUB, fear of upsetting Barbara. 

Eugene  10:47  

I love that one. That trailer went out really well, so we like that a lot. 

Ben  10:55  

Right. I've asked [inaudible]. Eugene, you again? KYC 

Eugene  11:04  

Oh, come on, man. I was 25 years in auditing. You got to be kidding. 

Ben  11:09  

But then, well, we may have some less experienced people listening to the show, so again we’re trying to be educational.

Eugene  11:15  

Know your customer, a must for any financial institution these days. 

Ben  11:23  


Chuck  11:24  

You mean traditional finance, right? 

Eugene  11:26  

Oh, yes, sir. Yes, Chuck. Of course. All the Fiat old stuff. 

Ben 11:33

You mean the [inaudible] finance.

Anton  11:35  

Working in a bank and being so, frankly speaking, fed up of this stuff, I would prefer to have some different meaning to it just as an example. 

Eugene  11:43  

Yeah. I like that. 

Ben  11:48  

Contentious young.

Eugene  11:53  

Keen youngster crypto enthusiasts.

Dionne  11:59  

That one. 

Anton  11:59  


Ben  12:00  

Nice. All right then, final one, guys. Out for anyone, whoever gets it first.  I'll give a point for the best wrong, and in fact I'll give two points for the best wrong answer on this [inaudible]. Final one, FOMO.

Eugene  12:13  

Well, FOMO is actually related to FUD, believe it or not, because FOMO is actually a fear of missing out. FOMO fear of missing out. You were scared because you're going to miss an incredible trading opportunity, guys.

Ben  12:32  

Yeah, you got it straight on the nose there. I might have also accept a fear of missing ostriches. All righty. Go on then after round two, which frankly was peasy-easy, so sorry for that audience listening on YouTube, we will rectify that next week, but we had to run with it. Dionne, what are the scores? She doesn't want to unmute. We've got four points to Fresh Meat, and seven points to Stale Beef, so come on Fresh Meats, we can't let him win this week. Let’s carry on with these old sheets. Can I have another drink, please? She's all right, ain’t she? She's alright. This one is my favorite round, personally. I'm not going to put anyone on the spot because I'm so proud of these little bits I’ve wrote that I want to take the glory myself, to be honest guys, but round three we are calling okchi [sic]. Take two. Round three. We are calling Blockchain Bedtime Tales. Despite having a young daughter myself, many of you may not know, I hate children. They're sticky. They're gross, and they haven't got anything interesting to talk about, have they? I mean, come on. 

Eugene  14:09  

I can't talk to you anymore after this, Ben. What do you mean?

Ben  14:15  

All right, cut. My 11-year-old is amazing. Honestly, she talks time travel. We watched that Loki series recently, which blew her mind, but yeah, for the sake of it. Apart from her, all other children, what do you actually talk to them about? They really [inaudible] and small [inaudible] with their concerns and their schoolyard stuff and look at me on the swings. Who needs that, right?

Eugene  14:42  

But at the same time they bring you a newspaper or slippers. 

Anton  14:47  

Do they? I have two kids. Do they really?


Chuck  14:49  

Do you get newspapers anymore? 

Ben  14:55  

Eugene's out in Mexico, so he can get kids to bring him anything he wants for a couple of pesos I think. So with my new range of cryptocurrency-based children's tales, which I've lovingly called “Shut up and go to sleep,” you finally have something in common with your little sprogs. These beautiful cryptocurrency stories you can talk about and share with them. I've got a couple of excerpts from the book and all you guys have to do, my guess, is tell me what the actual story is about, okay? I'm going to read out the whole story. Wait until I get to the end before you tell me what this tale is, but it’s a big cryptocurrency story from the past couple of years I’ve twisted into a children's story with a lot of bullshit. Once upon a time, there was a hard-working, independent scientist, doctor lawyer Karen Contrarian. After she discovered bitcoin in 1997, she realized it just wasn't musty enough and that's why men didn't like it. However, because Karen modestly knows the answer to everything, she figured out the secret to making men want bitcoin more, raw fish. Unfortunately, her soon-to-be ex-husband discovered her plan right before running away with her three secretaries. Oh no! Years later, after realizing his ex-wife’s genius and releasing it into the world, he got really, really high and chef Nami nom nom dumped his $14 million worth of founder tokens onto the open market. Everything was okay in the end though guys. The musty scent of market bid sell orders attracted the angels of cling film coin to sterilize investors from further losses, and the people rejoiced. The end. Thank you. 

Eugene  17:16  


Chuck  17:18  

I have totally no idea what you mean.

Ben  17:25  

Go on guys, a couple of standout clues in there. You had raw fish, obviously, Chef Nomi Nom nom, dumping the $14 million worth of tokens, but that’s pretty much the solids of the tale. When you go back to the origins of sushi swap, essentially, sushi swap was a project by one man in his house. He created this coin, put it out onto the market, and it suddenly got listed on Binance overnight. The whole market cap was worth $28 million. A bit later on that night, right after a sushi swap got listed on futures, Chef Nomi, the anonymous creator of the coin, was quoted as saying, I'm really high and then sold all of his tokens $14 million worth and crashed the entire market. 

Eugene  18:29  

It's this one. 

Ben  18:31  

Which was the strangest story really, the one I wrote or the actual story at the end of it?

Eugene  18:38  

It's fun Ben, but we’re illiterate. I had no idea.

Ben  18:43  

No. He was huge at the time. I don't do financial advice, but it was a fiasco. Let's see if we have a bit of better luck with bedtime story number two, shall we? There's two points on offer for this one if anyone can get it. There once was a great, great man who could not lie or shill a phony ICO token if his life depended on it. That man's name was 100 percent definitely not Ian, and his second name did definitely not rhyme with Lababina. The man, whose name wasn't Ian, had a lot of very clever friends, who listened to “not Ian's” advice and always did their own research. One day though, not Ian was astral projecting his ego into the world's consciousness, which he did quite a lot in those days when he suddenly stopped midstream, he realized he had mixed up his shopping list with the seed phrases to his ill-gotten ethereum gains. Everyone was very nice to not Ian about it, though, and nobody thought he was lying and avoiding taxes at all. The end.  Thank you. No worries, guys. Well, I suppose you've either heard these stories or you haven't, but again one of my favorite stories from the past couple of years. Essentially, that was a guy who, like I say, his name wasn't Ian Lababina. He was doing a live stream on YouTube, which he did a lot. He was a big influencer, Twitter, YouTube influencer guy. He stopped midstream suddenly and went, “Oh, no guys, what's going on?” He cut off his stream. Then he started putting on loads of messages about how he'd been hacked and he lost $3 million or so worth of cryptocurrency, which he gained from being an advisor to these projects. It turns out that apparently, the root cause of his hack or one theory was that he'd stored his seed phrase on a shopping list app on his phone. Advice for life there kids, don't store your seed phrase on a shopping list app and probably be.

Chuck  21:18  

By the way, where do you get your stories on crypto? 

Eugene  21:23  

I was going to ask you the same. What are your sources, man? Open up. 

Ben  21:27  

I can't tell you my sources, can I?

Chuck  21:32  

 I can tell you mine. I'm using Oncoins, one word. You should google it. It's a great resource.

Ben  21:40  

Awesome. A lot of these are just coming from my own kind of pseudo-eidetic memory, and then I'm googling things to make sure I'm correct on them, but yeah, the more recent ones, obviously, big resources, Cointelegraph, Brave New Coin, et cetera. There's loads of them out there. 

Chuck  22:01  

There's one news aggregator about coins. It's called You should check it out. 

Ben  22:08  

I hope you're not on commission there, Chuck. 

Chuck 22:12

Unfortunately, no. 

Anton  22:15  

My question is not related to crypto in this regard. It's just rather whether we are going to be able to travel back in time. I mean, it's for that unfortunate guy from the last story, whether he could get a security card.

Ben  22:30  

Well, I wouldn't feel too bad for him , Anton. If you do a quick Google, yeah, that guy's a prick, I’ll say. He was possibly one of the worst things. He still pokes his head up every so often, but Jesus Christ the guy. He would have sold his grandmother's right arm for a [inaudible] in the day.

Ben 22:59

Hey there, guys. I've just discovered the secret trick to getting the fastest way to more social media followers instantly on any platform. It's such a new technique even I haven't implemented it on my own social media yet, but before I share with you the secret that's going to get you thousands of followers instantly, take a moment to subscribe to our channel and like this video. Have you done it? Don't worry, I'll wait. Finished? Great. Okay. The secret is to make a video telling people you have a secret about how to get loads of social media followers instantly and ask them to like and subscribe to your videos. Easy.

Ben 23:59

Now, round four crypto-manteau. Our final quickfire round is crypto-manteau. If you don't know what this is, a portmanteau is when you take, pardon me. Jesus, I drink too much. Take two. If you don't know what this is, a portmanteau is when you take two words and combine them to make a single word like chill and relax for chillax. Or what are some other good ones out there Dionne?

Dionne  24:25  


Ben  24:27  

Podcast. Yeah, there we go. So podding and casting or?

Dionne 24:32

Pond and broadcast. 

Anton  24:34  

Crypto and currency?

Ben  24:37  

Yeah, crypto and currency. Of course, yeah. Why didn't I think of that one? That's why we needed you here tonight, Anton.  

Eugene  24:44  

That's a good one. That's a good one. 

Ben  24:46  

Brilliant. That's what a portmanteau is. A cryptomanteau is when we take a crypto name or a phrase or someone related to cryptocurrency, and we combine this with the answer to a question to make a really bad pun, okay? I've got three of these for each team. Eugene, you're in the lead, so you're going to go up first. Are you ready? Bear in mind everyone did terribly at this one last week. 

Eugene 24:32


Okay, so pa pa pa pa. Our first one. We have an Australian plab who was pretending to be Satoshi Nakamoto for a long time, and an early 90s pop brothers band famous for the song Too Sexy For My do. You can shout out the answers independently because it's just you, you don't have to worry about giving away the answers.

Eugene  25:44  

Yeah, I understand. 

Ben  25:47  

We've got an Australian plunker who was pretending to be Satoshi Nakamoto for all intensive purposes.

Eugene  25:57  

No, that's a tall one. 

Ben 25:59


Eugene 26:01

No. Guys, help me out. 

Ben  26:03  

Go on. Let's throw it over to the other team. 

Chuck  26:05  

Should it be Right Said Craig? 

Ben  26:07  

Oh! Flip it round the other way for me, Chuck. Flip it around.

Dionne  26:12  

That way.

Chuck  26:14  

Craig Right Said. I have no idea.

Ben  26:16  

Craig Right Said Fred. Yes. We have someone who's good at this game. Chuck, you can come back anytime, buddy. Awesome. Right. Our next one. If Eugene you can't get this, we'll throw this over to the other team. I have a feeling ‘90s pop might not be your strong point, so I feel quite bad for giving you these ones. The world's largest smart contract platform, so I think the largest one out there that people use, and the pop classic by Teenybopper’s Hanson. Again a 90s pop song. It was huge by the band Hanson and the second-largest cryptocurrency smart contract platform out there. 

Anton  27:06  

No, we know it, but the problem is on the musical part.

Ben  27:13  

Give us the first part and we might help you. 

Anton  27:17  


Ben  27:18  


Eugene  27:18  


Ben  27:19  

Yeah. Ethereum

Chuck  27:23  

Penny and me? 

Ben  27:25  

Oh, all righty. I don't think anyone's going to get this one. You got half the answer there, Anton. It was ethereum Bob dapper do up or however that one went.

Eugene  27:40  

I said beat bop, so beat bop [inaudible].

Ben 27:42

You were close. 

Chuck  27:44  

I went for a penny and me, but that was not the right answer, obviously.

Ben  27:49  

All right. Judges call. Did they get a point each or not for that one, Dionne? 

Dionne  27:52  

Point each. 

Ben  27:53  

She's too kind. 

Eugene  27:55  

All right. 

Ben  27:58  

Third and final one for you Eugene. We've got, and if you don't get this one Honest to God, I will be very disappointed in you, sir. The decentralized commodity born when the SEC stifled the telegram cryptocurrency project, and something you use to move around food on a barbecue

Eugene  28:20  

Free TON is the first one. What do you move around thing like flipper? Flip flipper?

Ben  28:32  

Like the dolphin? A utensil you use on a barbecue, not flipper.

Eugene  28:42  


Ben 28:44

Free fork 

Eugene 28:44

What else do you use? 

Ben 28:46

Only in Mexico free fork

Eugene 28:49

 Free utensils. I don't know. 

Ben  28:53  


Chuck  28:56  

No idea. 

Dionne 28:57

What do you use in the barbeque?

Ben  28:59  

You guys obviously aren't very barbecue people then, maybe. The answer was tongs. 

Eugene  29:05  

We're not 

Ben  29:07  

Free tongs. 

Chuck 29:08

Say again?

Ben 29:09


Eugene  29:10  

Tongs. Oh, man. 

Ben  29:12  

Free tongs. You were two letters from the answer.

Eugene 29:17

I got the first. one 

Ben 29:18

One point for you there Eugene. Well done. Good stuff, buddy. What is team Stale Beef on?

Dionne  29:28  

Nine points 

Ben  29:30  

Nine points is the score, and fresh meat?

Dionne  29:33  

Seven points so far. 

Ben  29:35  

Seven points, so you only need two more. Well, technically, you need four more to walk away with this one. Go on, team, Fresh Meat. Are you ready? 

Anton  29:47  


Ben  29:47  

The name of Roger Ver and company's Bitcoin hard fork, the original one back in 2017 and the words usually spoken by a priest at a funeral as the coffin is lowered into a grave. Remember Eugene, this one isn't for you yet.

Eugene  30:12  

I'll keep quiet. 

Ben  30:14  

So Roger Ver Bitcoin fork. You two can discuss that. 

Chuck  30:22  

That's bitcoin cash, but I have nothing else. 

Ben  30:26  

The words usually uttered by a priest as the funeral reaches its conclusion which is also a David Bowie song. 

Chuck  30:34  


Ben  30:38  

It’s got to overlap with cash, so bitcoin cash. 

Chuck  30:46  

I got nothing. 

Ben  30:48  

I got nothing. Well, it was bitcoin cashes to cashes.[inaudible] 

Eugene 30:58  

Oh, wow.

Chuck 30:59

That was hard. 

Ben  30:59  

I can't even say it right now. I’m sorry guys. It’s bitcoin cashes to ashes. That one was so hard, I couldn't even say. I suppose I'll let you all feel that. Go on. Taking your clothes off seductively for someone and the first liquid delayed proof of stake chain, which claimed to be unforkable. The name of this chain also rhymes with Amazon's former owner Jeff B. 

Eugene  31:38  

First of all the strip.

Ben  31:39  

Eugene. It's not you. 

Chuck  31:42  

I got this one. Strip tezzos. 

Ben  31:47  

Yes. I'm so glad someone got that one. Personally, I was so proud of that one. 

Eugene  32:02  

This is a good one. I agree. 

Ben  32:03  

Yeah, great stuff. 

Dione 32:05

Is that one or two points?

Ben 32:07

That was two points. Well, guys, it’s been short and hectic, and I don't know if you can tell, but it's the surface of the sun here in the UK, so I think my face is literally melting into my chest. I think it's definitely a good time for what are the final scores on the doors, Dionne?

Dionne  32:25  

All right, Stale Beef you have nine points, Fresh meat 10 points.

Ben  32:41  

You've been dethroned there. 

Dionne  32:43  

I feel like I should give Eugene half a point for saying strip. 

Eugene  32:48  

Yeah, I was the first one.

Ben  32:52  

Well, even so, you still lose by half a point, Eugene. 

Eugene  32:56  

That's all right. I don't have to win. I don't have to always win. Sometimes, other people can win. 

Ben  33:03  

I don't have to always win. Chuck, be weary of any suspicious packages you may receive over the next few days, especially if they come from Mexico.

Eugene  33:13  

I get to tell you one thing here where I am in [inaudible] there is an amazing feature, which I don't know if any other cities have. There are no street addresses. There are no street addresses. If you want to receive correspondence, you have to go to like FedEx or UPS, or Postal Service Office and pick them up, but they're not delivered. Amazing. That has a very strange and unexpected advantage to some people, meaning nobody can find you ever.

Ben  33:43  

I mean, I suppose it's so they can find the people send in all the horses’ heads everywhere. Or at least keep them refrigerated, till someone picks the things up. Right. Well, thank you ever so much for coming tonight, guys. It's been good fun honestly. Thank you very much to our special guests Anton Zur of Human Venture. If you'd like to discover more about the great work these guys are doing, like I say, they have a product out there which really help people who are in the hardest of times, so do check out that work. If you don't, know I'll be knocking on your door telling you about it soon anyway. 

Chuck  34:21  

Thanks, Ben. 

Ben  34:22  

No worries. 

Eugene  34:23  

Thank you, Ben. 

Chuck  34:25  

Thank you, Ben. 

Ben  34:26  

And thank you to our scorekeeper, Dionne. Bye, guys. 

Eugene  34:34  

Thank you. Thank you.

Ben  34:57  

The guy's name definitely wasn't Ian, and his second name did not rhyme with Lababina.

Not the News
Damien Hirst
Warren Buffett
Elon Musk
Blockchain Bedtime Tales
Karen Contrarian
Not Ian Lababina
(Questioning Ben's sources)
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